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Jobs in Israel

Jobs in Israel

What are the advantages of employment in Israel?

Official (legal) stay in Israel: We have several options for a peaceful stay in Israel:
Author's paperwork for legal residence in Israel.
Registration of working papers for employment directly in Israel
Reasonable deadlines for registration: Registration from “A” to “Z” takes up to 2 weeks, which clearly has an advantage over paperwork in Europe.
Decent wages in Israel: The level of wages for workers without experience and simple handymen in various fields is much higher.
Comfortable living conditions: Every employer in Israel provides comfortable housing with everything you need, some even provide a free home-work-home transfer, these are mainly cleaning companies. Climatic conditions are optimal for living and working. There is no such frost in winter.
The main directions of our employers in Israel:

construction companies
home staff
public catering

We offer vacancies for women, men and for couples.

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