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Work in Germany

Work in Germany

What are the advantages of finding a job in Germany?

Moderate difficulty to get to Germany:
The consulate is not so willing to issue visas as before. But there are alternative options for obtaining a visa and work in Germany.
Official (legal) stay in Germany: We have several options for a quiet stay in Germany
German work visas issued for a contract from the clinic
Guest visa for temporary / seasonal work
Polish national visa for 6.12 months
Tourist visa with further re-registration.

Reasonable terms of registration: Registration from "A" to "Z" takes up to 2 months. Much depends on the selected job.
Decent wages in Germany: The level of wages for workers without experience and simple handymen in various fields is significantly higher than in Poland.
Comfortable living conditions: Every employer in Germany provides comfortable housing with everything you need, some vacancies include homestay. Climatic conditions are optimal for living and working.


The main directions of our employers in Germany:

construction companies
home staff
public catering
medical centers

We offer vacancies for women, men and for couples.

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